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Order from Japan territory customer. =>  Please e-mail to us.
Order from Overseas customer.         => We currently do not ship to overseas customers. There may be a possibility to export equipment of electrized water. But it is not realistic offer for end users. 

We offer shopping cart (in Japanese language.) in our sister site. 

Other e-mail orders. Please send us quantity and Shipping address.

  5L container:2,000yen +shipping 700yen Total 2,700yen(8% tax not included.) ⇒with tax 2,916yen
20L container:4,500yen +shipping 700yen Total 5,700yen(8% tax not included.) ⇒with tax 6,156yen

We use only cash collect shipment. (Driver will collect money at the time of delivery.)

Delivery will be done more or less three working days after fixed order. 

<Shipping charge may vary place to place. Above prices are standard shipping charge in Kanto Area.>