Our Electrized water is made with city water in Tokyo.

We want you to use this water. Especially inhabitant of Tokyo city.

This is our point of view that we can reduce Carbon Dioxide with local effort such as less transportation idea for our business.

【Shipment to overseas and Order from overseas customer.】

We do not ship to overseas countries. 

Sorry, we can not ship our water to outside of Japan. Due to transportation reasons, etc.

If you are a business buyer, we can suggest you a solution. Please e-mail us.
If you are a business or home buyer living in Japan. We can send goods by YamatoUPS 'cash on delivery' basis. Feel free to contact us by e-mail.
English Speaker: We can only communicate by e-mail. Feel free to contact us. 

We offer bottom price among suppliers. Electrized Alkaline water from Tokyo.

Alphawater is made with Tokyo city water. Produced in our facility licated in Tokyo. This water is not for drink. This is for cleaning. 

This Alphawater do not contain hazadous chemical, and also we do not use chemicals at the time of production. This water is environmently friendly. You can use our water at home as well as office, even to industrial purpose.

Our aim to sell this water at bottom rock price is to offer our safe cleanig water to inhabitants of Tokyo who desire clean environment at any time. 

We believe that we are the one offering electrized alkaline water at very competitive price level.

Electrized water is not an expensive proudcts, therfore we highly recommend to overseas customer to produce it in your country. In order to produce the electrized water, you need to buy a facility to produce them. For further help, please contact is by e-mail. We will give you necessary instruction for your local production.

For more information please e-mail us. 

Our Promise and Idea for product delivery.

We try not to use too much advertisement or employees in our company. This is a way we can supply competitive price.
As a result of this we do not use internet shiopping malls. Because we do not ship large facility and wharehouse systems. Our delivery is something like family business style, but this is a way that we can reduce our total cost in the end. We try not to sell hundreds of tons of water from us. 
We only produce our water when we get order from customers, then we start to produce only what has ordered. This is a way we can sustain our business for a long time. This idea will lead us ecology business development.  

Some people say that there are a lot of secret in the production or facility in the enterprise business, but we do not think we have secrets.
There is no secret for our production or formula, therfore we "supply" our production "idea" instead of supplying water if you need large volume of electrized water in your business or market.
Even in such advisory case, consultant fee is free. This is our promise by running our business.

Please feel free to contact us, e-mail us.
President will direclty answer to your question. We are always open to you.  

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